Châtillon-en-Diois is an old medieval town with visible marks of the past.

It is also a listed floral town where about 150 plant species have been set, bringing happiness to the villagers and beauty to the little vaulted streets (called "viols" - from latin via).


Unfortunately, there is not much left of the castle, from which the town got its name (Châtillon - from latin castellum : castle, small fort). Nevertheless, as you discover the town, you will see numerous picturesque vestiges:



- remparts, built between 1379 et 1426, ordered by Die's bishop ;

-"viols" (vaulted narrows streets), the little paved squares and small gardens ;

-The Belfry bell tower from XVIII century ;

-The Reviron fountain ;

-vestiges of the bricks painted coating from XVII century on the city hall façade.

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